sleeping with the beast

Sleeping With the Beast is not just another pretty book filled with pictures of dogs and owners romping in the fields. It is about a New England family that just happens to be comprised of a couple with two sons... five dogs—all cohabitating in one large farmhouse. In Sleeping With the Beast, Dale Ryan invites us into her home for a close-up view of what it's like to live with dogs—from cooking to decorating to gardening to literally sleeping with the beast.

A rather intimate book about dogs and their human partners. Furthermore, the book touches on legal, moral, and philosophical issues that confront our diversified families. The author also describes how dogs should be regarded not as 21st century accessories but should be respected for their multi-dimensional character. The term "beast" is used here in the most affectionate way. While the dictionary describes a beast as an animal other than a human, in a sense we are all beasts, whether two or four-legged. Humans have been domesticated and dogs have been as well, but rules are often broken. Gorgeously illustrated with four-color photographs of Dale and her family—especially the dogs.

About the author

photo of Dale Ryan poolside with her dogs

Dale Ryan has studied art and design and has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education. She has been working on projects ranging from dog shelters, schools, and sustainable, local foods for hospitals. Dale lives in Connecticut with her family.

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